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Requirements: US Woodland BDU Soldiers pack, G85 editorupdate
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Version: 1.2

Date: 2007-04-27 09:03

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Sabotage V.1.1 (A SP-Mission by Imutep and Thutmosis)

Created by Assault Mission Studio

The Communists have a new secret base where some tracked vehicles and air-defense have stationed there. Your order is to penetrate with a troop into the base, and destroy all situated tracked vehicles and Shilkas.So stay undetected. And stay warned , the Communist are well organized and on all prepared. Move camouflaged and lead your team tactically. Tactics and stealth is your key to win.


Imutep: Missiondesign, Gameplay, Scripte, Intro;
Thutmosis: Idea, Story, Gameplay, Outro;

Mission Characters:
Cpt. Dwight Oraso = Teamleader (Player)
Ltn. Ron Wood
Ltn. Jack Miguel
Sgt. Michael Dafoe

Player side:
West---> Woodland BDU (Special Forces Saboteur)


> Intro (long) and Outro
> You can continue this mission by night, so send a message to radio 0-0-8
> Mission in day or night, with different KI-property's
> Weather changed,day or night
> Mission level = hard :D
> 5 Mission orders
> 2 optional Mission orders
> long playtime is guarantied


Needed Addons:
US Woodland BDU Soldiers Pack V1.0 by zerg63
G85-EditorUpdate-V0.9 by G85Mod


Game Version:
ArmA Version 1.02

Only one error message, when the Briefing starts. It is a bug from a Editorobject (paa. not found). But the mission itself is without errors ;)

Special Thanks:
> M-E for Beta testing
> Big Fan for Beta testing and tipps with cam on chopper

So people, have fun with this mission and we hope, the English is ok so far :D

PS: This is an unofficial Mission from the game Armed Assault. Use the mission at your own risk. Bohemia Interactive and Morphicon has nothing to do with that.

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