Author: DTM2801
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.6

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Date: 2009-11-17 17:03

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Convoy creator & convoy control

This script wil create a convoy (configurable) and will keep monitoring all convoy vehicles for the correct distance by adjusting speed.
If the distance between convoy vehicles gets too far the forward vehicle will slowdown and eventually wait until the follower gets back in acceptable distance.

Please read the included readme for details how to use this script in your missions!

If you any suggestions/comments to make this script work better please share your ideas.

To do:
- Optional vehicle markers.

- Added random units in cargo of spawned vehicles (thanks TRexian)
- Added optional cycle waypoint ** remember to update the existing convoy initstrings **
- Improved control script (less distance, more speed)

- Introduced cases into the script for more flexibity
- Added multiple ways to use the script (see usage notes)
- Added createcenter to ensure vehicle spawns
- Added CIVILIAN to side choices
- some code cleanup

- Description updated with some better explanations
- Added side selection to init
- Added default vehicle for 3 sides
- Added init string checks
- Moved waypoint markers option to init
- Moved debug option to init

- Added vehicle names
- Added eventhandlers
- Added option to enable/disable waypoint map markers (found in convoy.sqf)
- Dropped vehmarkers.sqf (still looking for a way to integrate in main script)
- Updated convoy_control while parameter

- Added description

- Added convoy tracking markers
- Some code cleanup
- Test mission cleared of external addons

Credits and thanks:
- TRexian for providing random cargo piece
- Everyone who reads this.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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