Author: Dany S [CWW]
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Utes
Playable options:

Version: 3.0

Date: 2011-01-29 07:46

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Take The Island!
Dani S

The objective is to rid the enemies' presence off the island. You have a small army and an artillery strike on your side. You begin in a heli along with your squad, u should then get to the F.O.B. ASAP to aid your troops. (press U or Y to play as the pilot) from there, it is up to you. "The USMCs attack on what was first thought was a lightly guarded insurgent outpost. Turns out that the USMC discovered the H.Q. of enemy forces. Your heavy team will be reinforcing the attack and pushing the enemy off this land. Just like in every mission you have ever seen to; they'll throw all they've got at us! Good luck soldier!"

This mission should not be used with gameplay mods, such as ACE etc.

Artillery strike.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

You may need to try 2-3 times to find the best technique

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Change log:
- Intro fully redone
- Voicing added
- Full use of OA added (weapons as well as units)
- Co-op and dedicated server full compatibility
- Gear selection available in briefing
- Loads of minor edits made
- New scripts utilised
- CBA no longer required
- Field hospital added
- Ammo cache added
- No known bugs!

- Link fixed
- Checkpoint added
- Intro/outros updated

- Intro + Outros improved
- Fixed spelling error in briefing
- Added "Friendly Units" section in briefing
- Artillery fixed --> Will work 100% of time now

- Added more detailed tasks
- Added overview
- Briefing
- Mission Hints
- Music at start
- Improved mission end script again (code fully sorted now)

- Intro and outros
- Hugely improved mission end script
- Added more friendly squads for the assault
- Decreased amount of enemy units at main base by a lot
- Added static defense at F.O.B
- Adjusted squad skill levels and changed a unit type

- Changed squad slightly
- Increased skill of friendly units a little
- Increased startup performance
- Stopped the Su-34 at the start being shot at by many rockets
- Added patrols
- Reduced ammo in empty mortar
- Larger enemy counter-attack convoy
- Moved some units around at F.O.B

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