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Vilas released an updated version of his US vehicles pack on our forums.

Quote vilas :
I have updated the US vehicles pack. First release was along with ask for test, after reports about bugs I released second time.
What is fixed: M2 on M109, rear wheel was not turning on M2, fixed artillery module work on M109 (60 degrees for cannon turn , previously was 25 deg.)

This addon contains:
    * M2 Bradley:
      - M2 green
      - M2 camo
      - M2A2 camo
      - M2A2 desert
      - M6 Linebacker camo
      - M6 Desert
    * M1A1 remodelled tank (EUAPU and M2 mount real)
    * M113A2 and M113A3 (BIS Arma1)
    * M109 155 mm SPH (M2 is just decoration, not work)
This addon uses BIS weapons as M2, M242 (sounds, reload time), but Abrams uses SABOT, HEAT and HE rounds.

Written on 2009-12-14 21:48 by Foxhound  

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