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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.21

Date: 2007-04-11 16:45

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Typhoon over Rahmadi
plasman (col.kurtz)

You and your team-mate will be inserted at night by boat. Your mission - if you accept it ;)- will be to destroy 2 radar stations, then to move to the extraction zone and get onboard the boat.

Main Features:
> Intro / Outro : Yes (short) / Yes (Very short)
> Side : BLUFOR
> Number of soldiers : 2 (Saboteur SF and Recon SF)
> Language: English
> Weapons choice : Yes (M4A1 SD, MP5SD or AKS74UN selectable in briefing)
> Equipment : NVG, Binoculars, map, compass.
> time of the day : 19:40 hrs
> Weather : Cloudy
> Difficulty = Challenging
> 2 main objectives
> 2 optional objectives
> 1 extraction

Additional info:
Suitable for ArmA Version 1.04+
No addon required
This mission uses Kronzky's stupendous Urban Patrol Script (

Copy the Typhoon_over_Rahmadi.intro.pbo into ArmA's Missions file
The path should be C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Missions

- Added a new secondary objective
- Added weapons choice
- Improved AI reactivity
- Added more enemy units
- Added outro sequence
- Corrected a few minor bugs

- Improved the AI reactions
- Corrected a bug regarding prisoners liberation
- Improved the intro a bit
- Corrected some English mistakes (thanks to Mandrake5 for his help)

- added a few enemies
- deleted a (useless) cutscene
- fixed problem with rescue boat
- fixed problem with MG

This mission is a freeware.

This mission is not an official Bohemia Interactive Studio mission. Use it at your own risk. BIS and I cannot be held responsible in any way for damage oF any kind consecutive to the use of this mission. Nor can we be held responsible for any problems encountered in installing or using this mission.

All characters and events portrayed in this mission are fictionous and any appearance with reality would be strictly casual.

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