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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

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Date: 2007-12-03 22:39

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FDF sound pack

This is now obsolete, download the FDF mod for the latest version!!

New sounds for ArmA, nearly all sounds are changed.

There is two methods how you can launch up FDF sound pack:
1) Best way to launch FDF sound pack or any other mod is to launch it with ArmA Launcher. Just use the modfolder method as explained here.
Left doubleclick on your desktop Launch ArmA (FDF sound pack) shortcut.

If you do not have Queens Gambit you can download version 1.2 from here.

Included files:


Video made by mr.g-c

Server key:
You can download the server key from here

Working installation of Armed Assault: Version 1.07 beta or higher.

Change log:
* 1.3
- Signed
- New footstep sounds to all surfaces
- Different footstep sounds to soldiers and civilian
- New animation sounds. (roll and salute)
- Changed m24 fire and reload sound
- Changed makarov sound
- Changed makarov sd sound
- Changed m9 sound
- Changed m9 sd sound
- Changed pistol reload sound
- Added some balls to A-10 sound and modified it to be not so repeative
- Changed sonic cracks
- Removed sound occlude and obstruct from vehicles
- Modified ah6 sound
- New sound for dc-3
- Reduced thunder rumble
- New sound for 6G30
- Changed many gun echoes
- Changed m240 sound
- New grenade launcher explosions
- New hand grenade explosions
- Changed m4 sound
- Changed g36 sound
- New sounds for army 4x4
- New sounds for sedan
- Changed 20mm-30mm impact sounds
- Changed tractor sound
- Changed zodiac sound
- Reduced engine noise inside tanks, planes, choppers and some cars
- Misc changes here and there

New sounds for A-10
New sounds for SU-34
Changed and tweaked grenade launcher explosions
Changed rain sounds and added variety
Changed sonic cracks
Changed and tweaked lgb explosions and made them more audible
Changed building collapse sound, some variety and made it less audible
Added insect sounds to corpses
Mine explosions more audible
Raised volumes here and there

Config bugs fixed.
Changed some sounds.
Tanks and other land vehicles more audible.

Finnish Defence Forces Mod team.

FDFmod License:
To use the FDF sound pack you must agree to these conditions.

You are permitted to install and use the FDF sound pack for personal entertainment purposes only.
Any military, commercial or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from the authors.

All material in the FDF sound pack is copyrighted, free redistribution is permitted for the original FDF sound pack package as long as it is kept unmodified and distributed 100% free of any kind of charge.<br>
Distribution of parts of the FDF sound pack or the distribution of modifications of the Finnish Defence Forces mod is forbidden without permission from the authors.

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