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Version: 1.2

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Date: 2010-06-14 18:25

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Advanced Artillery Request System

This script lets you call in Artillery Fire Missions. Instead of letting you set coordinates for splashdown by simply clicking on the map, its goal is to be a bit more realistic.

* Registering for fire missions.
* Designating targets using polar coordinates.
* Accurate Fire Missions require Adjustment Fire.
* Designating via Lasermarker.
* Different options for Artillery Setup, like types of rounds, spread radius.
* Delaying Fire.
* Full customization support.
* Fancy artillery sounds captured from the GL4SFX Mod.
* Respawn compatibility.
* PvP support, means, playerside dependent.
* An enclosed detailed Installation/Usage Manual.pdf.

Installation / Integration:
Assume you already created a mission in the editor, and you want this feature to be
integrated in your mission. Then unzip the archive, namely, and do the
following steps.
1. Copy the enclosed folder bon_artillery into your mission folder.
2. Merge the enclosed Description.ext with your own Description.ext extension file:
a. In case you donʼt have such file yet, simply copy the Description.ext into the root of
your mission folder as it is.
b. In case you have such Description.ext already, copy and paste the content of the
enclosed Description.ext into it. Now, you might probably have a CfgSounds class
defined already, then only copy the line
#include “bon_artillery\Description.ext”
INTO your CfgSounds class.
3. Same play for the Init.sqf file. If you have no Init.sqf in the mission folderʼs root yet,
simply copy the enclosed one. Otherwise, make sure your Init.sqf contains the line
[] execVM “bon_artillery\bon_arti_init.sqf”.
4. very important now: Start ArmA2, open the editor and load your mission into it.
(1) Press F1, double-click somewhere on the map.
(2) Choose Game Logic as Side,
(3) Objects as Class,
(4) and write Server into the Name-field. Then click OK.
The integration step is complete.

See the included readme for detailed information how to use this.


In the following video I demonstrate the two variants of requesting precise fire missions. (final version)

In the following video I demonstrate how to attack three different targets by artillery. (older version)

- FIXED: Artillery does not work for a player being set to captive before.
- FIXED: Laserdesignation does not work on a dedicated server environment.
- CHANGED: Replaced some setVehicleInit commands by publicVariable, to decrease synchronization traffic with JIP players.

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