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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Community Base addons
Island(s): Chernarus, Eden, Isla Duala, Island Panthera, Quesh-kibrul, Sahrani, Sahrani-Lite, Utes
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Version: 2.060

Date: 2010-06-24 15:02

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Warfare - Benny Edition -ACE2-

Warfare mission modified by Benny using the ACE2 mod.

- Ability to turn Camp Respawn On/Off at startup.
- French/English localization (i'll translate other langage asap i have some people who will be willing to translate).
- Advanced HUD (Showing nearby Buildings / Town Captures progress).
- Construction Interface Modules recoded (calling the same module for each players).
- Unit Construction Queuing (with a debug function in case of problems).
- Map tracking, all side units are shown on map (your own ais have their own # on map).
- Differents Town Occupations levels.
- Evolved Voice System.
- Light JIP.
- New Artillery System (Cannon/Mortar/MLRS/GRAD..).
- Ability to select where the unit is being built (Factory menu has a minimap for an easier comprehension).
- Ability to modify View Distance / Terrain Grid on client side.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

To do:
- Stringtable translation for STR_WF_Push.
- Sell/Repair buildings for commander on CoIn.
- Make AI Respawn at camp if he dies within a friendly town radius.
- Make AI Commander move to another spot when he has completed the first base.
- Make AI Commander do upgrades.

Change log:
- Fixed: Stringtable: English localization (Max Group size (buy))
- Fixed: Game ends when all towns are captured although victory condition is set to 'Annihilation'
- Fixed: AI Gear.
- Fixed: Parameter: Towns Starting Mode - Nearby: Towns not complete capured
- Fixed: Player's getting randomly teleported back to base + AI removed.
- Fixed: Radio: Mobilized HQ Destroyed
- Fixed: Map editing: Airfields
- Fixed: GUI: IDC (Buy Units (Depot/Hangar))
- Fixed: MHQ deploys at (1,1)
- Added: Spetsnaz Officers + Russian Team Leaders
- Added: AI unit remove from slot team after player join
- Added: Recruitable Militia
- Added: AutoKick Teamswappers Parameter
- Added: Skill: Officer
- Added: Parameter: Respawn - MASH.
- Added: Parameter: Resistance Reinforcement
- Added: Parameter: Occupation Reinforcement
- Added: base buildings should be invulnerable to friendly fire
- Added: Reduce price value to static defence structures
- Added: Parameter for MHQ deploy/mobilize costs
- Added: Duration Time
- Added: Ban TeamKiller Forever
- Added: Gameplay/Parameter: Own Revive/Wound system
- Added: Parameters: Group By types.
- Added: Display server uptime
- Added: Defenses: DSHKM replaced with KORD mini + KORD
- Added: GUI: Respawn Menu
- Added: Gameplay: Group ID (Mil Alphabet)
- Added: Map: Utes Support
- Added: Nil check
- Added: Check Depot (isInfantry - Militia)
- Added: Delay reinforcements
- Added: Positioning: Add a iteration delay for reinf

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core beta
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras beta
- Community Base addons

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