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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-01-16 10:39

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ricnunes coop pack

Mission pack containing the following missions:

- Co-06 F-35 Down: One of our F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft was shot down by an enemy Tunguska SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile) while performing a Recon mission in northern Chernarus. The F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft is the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world which incorporates the world's most advanced avionics and stealth technology. Chedaki forces are already in the crash site and are preparing to dismantle the downed F-35 to perhaps send it to Russia which are obviously very interested in our techonology. So the objectives for this mission are:
    1- Rescue the downed F-35 pilot which was captured by enemy Chedaki forces!
    2- Destroy the remainings of the crashed F-35. We can't allow the F-35 tecnology to fall in enemy or Russian hands!
    3- If possible, your team should try to search and destroy the enemy Tunguska.
    - BIS first Aid and Battlefield Clearance modules
    - BIS Ambient civilians and civilian car modules
    - LHD spawner by ArMaTeC
- Co-10 NAPA Rebels: After a major offensive launched against the Chedaki by the previous pro-west Chernorussian government forces which despite some inicial sucess was finally defeated when the Russians came to help their Chedaki allies, the result was that Chernarus was completly overrun by the combined Russian and Chedaki forces which resulted in the toppling of the pro-west Chernorussian government. This means that now, Chernarus is ruled by a Chedaki government which is in fact a Russia's puppet government. This of course is unacceptable and it's up to us the National Party - NAPA, to free Chernarus from the Russian and their Chedaki Puppets oppression! LONG LIVE CHERNARUS!
    - Revive Script by norrin
    - BIS Artillery and Ambient Civilian Car modules
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

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