the FEW - WWII planes by CSJ updated
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CSJ released an updated version of his "the FEW" addon for ArmA 2 on the BI forums.
These addons contains different WWII planes:
      - Spitfire MK1
      - Hurricane MK11a
      - Lightning P38
      - B-17
      - 109 E
      - 109 G
      - Ju-87
    - Parachute replacement
Quote CSJ : Commitments with other mods and lack of outside hands on interest with this mod has left almost zero time available for me to work on it.
I have not looked at it for over a month so I thought I would post what updates I have now.
All configs had a total overhauled. Should be no more mystery shootdowns.
I have not addressed any sounds etc.
I have included the B17 which is still WIP though it is playabe.
Bombs need working on.
I have a script which delivers the bombs fine ingame but it only works on the BOB island, BIS islands are too lumpy. Since BOB is not populated I have not included it in this update.

Written on 2010-06-02 11:01 by CSJ  

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