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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.6

Short description: This mission script system revolutionizes the way to play about the logistic and artillery.

Date: 2010-10-05 18:05

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[R3F] Artillery and Logistic

The [R3F] Artillery and Logistic is a mission-script system which revolutionizes the way to play about the logistic and artillery. This system permits to play in a realistic manner and fills a lack in ArmA 2.

The logistic part of the system permits to transport and to position any equipment type (ammo, static weapon, MASH, sandbag, ...) by different methods (lift, tow, load in cargo).

The artillery part of the system offers the possibility to the leader of an artillery battery to compute fire solutions (gun orientation, ...) according to the forward observer indications. Then the leader of an artillery battery can transmit the fire orders to the gunners (player or AI). The gunners orient their guns (or mortars) according to the angles of the fire order.

The two systems (artillery and logistic) are released together because they are complementary and it requires only one installation. However it is possible to disable the artillery features and keep only the logistic ones and vice versa.

    Logistic :
      - The player can carry objects and position them exactly as he wants (eg : static machine gun)
      - Load/unload equipment in vehicles or containers
      - A system of carrying capacity permits a realistic usage
      - A large vehicle can transport small vehicles (eg : HMMWV in C130 ou motorcycle in MTVR)
      - Tow equipment as an artillery piece
      - Lift equipment as a vehicle, a container, an artillery piece, an ammo box, ...
      - The logistic features of any object/vehicle can be disabled/enabled at any time
    Artillery :
      - An artillery command quarter which :
        - is transportable (logistic system)
        - provides access to a realistic ballistic computer (coordinates, adjustments, dispersion)
        - permits to send fire orders to AI or player gunners (gun angles, ammo type, ...)
        - serves as source of ammunition for artillery pieces nearby (100m)
      - An interface when you're aboard an artillery piece wich permits to :
        - read the azimuth and elevation of the gun (or mortar)
        - consult the fire orders
        - reload the ammo if an artillery command quarter is nearby
    Characteristics :
      - Intuitive in-game interactions (understood in 10 minutes with the demo mission)
      - Easy installation of the two systems, with a guide step-by-step
      - The vehicles and objects are automatically detected by the system (no execVM in the init line)
      - Opened and compatible with addons which add vehicles, objects, guns or ammunitions
      - Clearly-explained configuration files (french and english) which permit to customize the system
      - Multilingual via a "stringtable" (default : english & french)
      - Compatible : MP, JIP, SP
      - Compatible to ArmA 2 (alone) + Operation Arrowhead (alone) + Combined Operations (A2 + OA) + ACE OA

The installation is explained step by step in the INSTALL.pdf file (in english and french). It can be easily installed on a mission and does not require a lot of knowledge in ArmA 2 mission editing.

The backward compatibility with the previous version 1.2 is fully guaranted.
You only have to delete and replace the "R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG" folder in your existing mission.
If you edited the config.sqf files, keep yours, they are still compatible with the v1.3.
If you generated pre-computed artillery tables, keep them too.


- Added : smoke shells and cluster shells (sub-munitions/DPICM)
- Added : the mortar of the Stryker MC has now the artillery features
- Added : check if the AI is really able to aim in the requested direction before firing

- Added : the AIs can now receive and execute a fire order
- Added : virtual magazines system wich allows to add different charges and effects without addon
- Added : MLRS and BM-21 Grad ballistics calculation for AA:OA and AA:CO 1.54+
- Added : config variables to give access to the artillery computer from inside or outside
- Added : the M109 gun from the vilas' project '85 is in the default configuration
- Fixed : compatibility with the OA 1.54 patch
- Fixed : UTF-8 encoding for the language files
- Improved : source optimization and beautification

- Added : compatibility to ArmA 2 (alone) + Operation Arrowhead (alone) + Combined Operations (A2 + OA)
- Added : the Arrowhead (and ArmA 2) objects are now in the logisitics default config
- Added : the ACE OA objects are now in the logisitics default config
- Improved : the artillery system now manages both north-west and south-west origin coord systems
- Added : many new island heights are listed in the config file
- The stringtable.csv is replaced by a simpler alternative system
- Fixed : script warning when a JIP player was not fully initialized
- Added : we can now remove the logistics system (like we already could with the artillery part)

- Improved : Lightweightness of the logistics (objects auto-detection)
- Improved : Fire solution search algorithm (max duration decreased and script warning removed)
- Fixed : Something seemed to make the ArmA 2 game engine unstable on specific computer configurations
- Only the players in the same faction are now displayed in the arty computer interface
- Help in the arty computer interface slightly improved

- Fix the displayed value for elevation when the artillery piece is in slope
- Adjust the cost capacity of the containers which were equals to their own capacity
- Optimization of the ballistic calculations (speed and precision)
- The longitude/latitude coordinates format are now in a 4 digits notation
- The fire adjustments is now in a "Add, Drop, Left, Right + Dir. to target" notation
- Add the possibility to close/open the interface in an artillery piece

- Fix of a bug with velocity of objects with ACE2
- Add the possibility to have a non-movable artillery command quarter
- Some additionnal precisions in the explanation about the ballistic table generation

- First public release

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