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Date: 2007-03-12 19:01

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War with the North is far from over and it has hit the civilian population there hard. Southern Generals have put up an ambitious plan to win hearts and minds of Northern residents while dealing the enemy a decisive blow with our superior US-supplied firepower.

Your battlegroup is scattered over the area for better tactical flexibility. HQ and infantry squads are here, along with AH-6 and reserves. Commandos and mechanized infantry are to the east and AV-8B Harrier is at the airbase in the south.


- PRIMARY: Ensure that the road through the forest is safe enough and escort food truck to Epone. (Leaders may use radio to communicate with driver).

- Looters and insurgents need to be cleared from Epone. This may require house-to-house fighting.

- Destroy enemy armor reserves, possibly before they have time to reinforce their comrades in the forest.

- Eliminate enemy HQ deep in the forest.

- Knock down communications mast used by the enemy.

- Destroy dangerous artillery pieces guarding the road.

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