RUG High Dispersion addon beta 1.5 released
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Wolfrug released an updated beta of his RUG High Dispersion addon on the OFPEC forums.

Quote Wolfrug :
This addon creates an exact copy of every default hand-held weapon in vanilla Arma 2, except that their"dispersion" config value has been changed. This means the weapon is considerably less accurate, which leads to longer firefights between the AI (and the player, should s/he choose to use a 'HD' weapon).
The inspiration for this comes from the wonderful HD version of all the JAM weapons from old OFP (featured heavily in for instance the Tonal campaign). The soldiers wielding these weapons might represent untrained militias armed with sub-par weaponry.

For your further enjoyment I have created two beta missions for you to use, one for A2 and one for OA. Operation Cape Horn has been properly beta-tested and is a fun romp through Chernarus, whereas Operation Scott Free is a quick and very simple escort mission in Takistan which is compatible with either CO or AO only.

    - (1.15) Added British Forces DLC/Lite compatibility, simply add the new RUG_HD_BAF.pbo to the mix (might only work with OA - not sure?).
    - (1.15) Signed all the files!

Written on 2010-09-09 22:57 by Foxhound  

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