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Requirements: No addons required

Version: beta 3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

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Date: 2010-03-04 21:56

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HiFi_Air - Some choppers and jets I consider beta ready
HiFi_Weapons_long - All the weapons redone with extended trailoffs
HiFi_Crew served/mounted weapons + hits/explosions
HiFi_Environment - Ambient FX
HiFi_Bullethits - for all smallarms calibers from 9mm up to 12.7mm
HiFi_Sonic Cracks + Secondary Explosions

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You can find the HiFi media channel here:

Author notes:
You know if your sat at home enjoying HiFi FX right now there is something you need to know. Sometime ago my computer containing all my sound & music files died . I was on the verge of a new HiFi release and going through some personal troubles of my own. I can't explain to you how low I felt, I had no internet access at home and due to financial problems struggled to get any access at all.

During this difficult time in my life I'd made some good good friends and met some fantastic people. People whom, saved me and HiFi from god only knows what. Dispite all that happened and my limited net access these guys came together and posted me enough components to build a pc from the ground up. Not just any pc either, one that can run A2 on good setting and support another gift I recieved a Creative XFI. Not only did these guys do that for me, for FREE. They helped me personally move past my problems in R/L. Something I am forever grateful for. I've said it before, but I think it requires saying again...

Thankyou to a great bunch of friends and the single best online community on the WWW.

And now to name and shame, sorry lads but you deserve to have your names in stone imo, but this is the best I can do..also, no order of greatness, just as you pop into my head !

Credits & Thanks:
The contributors
Vann my wife Who paid H&M customs charges, I love you x
John Motherboard/HD/PSU/Heatsink fan etc etc
Jon Graphics Card
Jon 'the Northerner' 4gb's of RAM
Pteradon CPU Dualcore 2.6
WYZe1 For the offer of another Motherboard

The Helpful
Simon C likemindedness/config assistance
Banderas Assistance/support
Rabalo RS Assistance/support
Q/Kju Totally helpful, totally underestimated
Jay Moral support
Jason Testing
Cole Testing/support
Trapper Testing/support/scripts
the D Games, and good ones at that !
JMAN Total Support
Pauld Feedback/support
Cross support and supplier of forgotten passwords
Pufu Support/Ace2 liason
Timo D Good advice/support
Richiespeed Remember Vid 4 new GAU 8 mate
Rico for you know what
Emery steady supply of soundwork for awesome models
Randy Stratton steady supply of soundwork for awesome models
Deano's Beano I've not forgotton about the nuke mate

If I missed you out, sorry I'll update it as my memory improves

Also, a big thanks to
Kellys Heroes Clan
Armed Assault info
BIS forums
Sickboy and the ACE2 team, for a great mod and adding HiFi to the SIX System

So, like I said, if your hiding behind the sofa, ducking for cover and generally enjoying HiFi..You have these guys uptop to thank...

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