Community Awards 2009 winners announcement!
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The Community Awards 2009 have been revealed on the ArmA 2 website.
And we, the entire staff of are very proud the community has once again voted our website as community website of the year 2009!
Thanks to everyone who voted for our site as your favorite! Our congrats to all the other community awards winners of 2009, you all make this game worth everything. Thanks for all the work you do for the ArmA community!

Quote :
The final stage of this year’s annual “Bohemia Interactive Community Awards” is over. We received many, many votes and very positive feedback, not only from our dedicated community, but also from the public as a whole.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part, from those who nominated and voted, to those fantastic people who were named as finalists in each of the categories, you guys and gals are the reason this community is as special as it is and we greatly appreciate all the hard work and talent everyone puts in to being part of it. Thank you all!

The second annual Bohemia Interactive Community Awards was a huge success with 500 nomination votes and a total of nearly 5,000 votes through all categories. So without further ado, here are the winners!

A.C.E - Advanced Combat Environment for ARMA / ARMA 2
Best Mod / Addon Of The Year 2009
    Other finalists: An-2 pack, BW - Bundeswehr MOD, CAA1 Project, Project RACS

Campaign СВОБОДА (Svoboda) by SARMAT Studio for ARMA 2 (SP)
Best Mission / Campaign Of The Year 2009
    Other finalists: Cipher, DominationA2!, First War, Warfare BE

ARMA 2: Black Hawk Down by Richiepeed13
Best User Created Movie Of The Year 2009
Other finalists: Wings of Russia, Quesh Kibrul, The Crate II, Red Dawn: Endgame
Best Community Website Of The Year 2009
    Other finalists:,,,

Best Community Member Of The Year 2009
    Other finalists: Benny, Foxhound, Kju (Q), СМЕРШ (Smersh)

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