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Version: 1.1

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Date: 2007-07-25 19:40

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When you build a mission with the mission editor, you can place optional sound effect (SFX) on the map.
SFX is a sound source at a given position, it play random sounds continuously.
Sounds from extraSFX have been greatly optimized performance/quality

Missions build with extraSFX require this addon to be played.
So if you release an user-mission or campaign using extraSFX, do not forget to provide this addon too (or a link to download it)

Just extract the pbo(s) file(s) into your ArmA\Addons folder or use the modfolder method (recommended).

Included files:

    BUZZ Buzz SFX are hum looped sounds. They bring accoustic background for key place or to improve global atmosphere.
    Keep in mind it would be useless to use those SFX on location where the player would certainly not go, so don't exceed.
      extraSFX - Buzz (electric) Use this SFX with any electric device, specially if this device is a key place or an objective (like sabotage).
      extraSFX - Buzz (room)
      This SFX is designed for open house, that's mean where player could enter (contrary to extraSFX - House). This SFX is quite discreet, for larger house spread few SFX inside.
      ²-Headphone recommended-
      extraSFX - Buzz (hangar)
      Use this SFX on hangar (empty or with vehicle parked inside). You can create a rich background, in particular during infiltration mission.
      extraSFX - Buzz (industrial zone)
      This SFX is a bit noisy and designed for wide industrial area. Of course you can also add other SFX such Buzz (electric) or Buzz (hangar) to feel that area more active.

    "Hide" a SFX house in the middle of any closed house.
    (inaccessible by player, assuming inhabitants living in).
    If needed, you could place few SFX on the same house to increase inhabitants reaction.
    I would recommend to advanced mission-maker to use these SFX with TRIGGERS (F3), (start/end combat, house destroyed, etc...).
      extraSFX - House (safe) Civilians living in the house feel safe and relax.
      You can set this SFX for cutscene or mission when you reach a peaceful town/village in friendly territory.
      extraSFX - House (danger)
      Civilians entranched in the house are scared. They run, cry, etc...
      Set this SFX during combat or in location where you are unwelcome.
      extraSFX - House (assault)
      House is stormed by gunmen : assault, looting, search enforcement...
      You can set this SFX on civilian house or barrack.

    Those SFX could be very interesting if you know how to use them. But as any SFX they could be usefull for other use they were planned. Just try, experiment, and play.
      extraSFX - Misc. (tent) Place this SFX on tent to provide some extra sound effects (briefing, HQ, camp, etc...).
      Or during mission it could gain the attention of the player and "lead" him to a tent among others (assuming key place).
      extraSFX - Misc. (forest)
      Place this SFX on a target in forest (like ambush/sentinel unit on position, or camp). So you could hear and detect (or at least guess) it through foliage.
      ²-Headphone recommended-
      extraSFX - Misc. (Muezzin)
      A muezzin call for prayer, usually performed from minaret just like in Porto island...And maybe later on third map by mod.
      Use on minaret/mosque, or house supposed to act as is.
      The first call is chanted when start the SFX (next 6mn spaced out). So you could easily (re)play whenever you want by deactivate/activate TRIGGERS.

    Radio broadcast music, wich could make a nice ambience during your cutscene or mission.

    Å Do not forget to add a radio (object) right on the SFX.
      extraSFX - Radio ("Accion") Pro-soviet propaganda. Spanish speaking.
      So called "international", but only listened by North Sahrani people...
      extraSFX - Radio ("Suno")
      Folkloric music (Latin with a mild Arab touch). Sahrani speaking.
      Independent radio, the South Sahrani way of life !
      extraSFX - Radio (army)
      No music, just garbled military transmissions.
      No language : you could use that radio for West/East/Independent side, even with custom mod (foreign scene).

    When a higher volume sound is played (gunshot,footstep,...) , especially near the audible SFX out-limite range, a new radio track is launched - while the first keep playing. This "overlap bug" cannot be fixed because it is just how work Armed Assault sound engine, it may affect Radio Accion & Radio Suno.

How to use Environment SFX?
Environment SFX are different from other SFX, they are perfect to bring a general and distant ambience wherever on the map (no sound source at a given position). extraSFX environment sounds are stereo, long lenght, and realistic.

extraSFX - Presence
This SFX reveal military activity. You could use it when player is in a boot camp, or near a base he must infiltrate, or when approaching the front line. Make transition between BIS 's natural environment ambience and warfare.

extraSFX - Battle (gunfire)
This SFX is for infantry gunfire or firefight situation, only lightweight weapon shot sounds (no tank,bomb,aircraft,etc...), however no well-known recognizable firearm sound so it will not misfit with third weapon addon own sound.
I opted for low intensity gunfire to be suitable for any situation, player and AI will do the rest.

extraSFX - Battle (urban)
Since Armed Assault include big city, this SFX is perfect for urban combat.
This SFX has been designed only for large town such Corazol, Ortego, Paraiso, Bagango,... (or that kind of important city in third map addon/mod).

extraSFX - Battle (heavy attack)
If you need more punch than "battle (gunfire)" could provide, try it.
Less shot sound, but many explosion. Fine for combat situation with bombing, artillery, or whatever with big gun.

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