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[COOP 08] Warlords

We have word that two local Warlords, Mohammad Al Akbari and Mullah Sayed Rabbani, are currently in Shukurkalay. Your SFOD Team must go in and pay them a visit.

Heatseeker made this scenario for VBS1. This is an updated version of my previous release.

Just Operation Arrowhead is required.


Version 1.04
Added random weather script by Moerderhoschi; other scripts updated; removed first aid modules

Version 1.03
Resized the extraction trigger and added marker which represent the size

Version 1.02
Team members join silently; Music is silenced after the teams join; removed not used soundfiles; added the Jukebox module

Version 1.01
Fixed a script error which prevented the extraction helicopter from taking off

Version 1.0
Initial release

[COOP 06] Fudail’s Last Breath

One of our local informants informed us that Fudail Al-Thynniyan, the local insurgent leader has been located in a small village on the Island of Rahmadi. Your team is sent in to make sure he takes his last breath today.

I created this mission in 2007 for VBS2 when you was able to use the editor of your choice.
This is a slightly improved version ported in appreciation of the great Sahrani port to ArmA II.

Requirements : SMD Sahrani

Fudail’s Last Breath

Version 1.01
Removed not implemented time selection from setup screen

Version 1.0
Initial release